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colour contact lensesMore and more major design and fashion labels are expanding their offerings and creating top brand designer eyewear. As a result, wearing glasses has never been more fun or more stylish. Prescription eyeglasses are no longer simply a necessity, they are also becoming highly sought after accessories that compliment any outfit.
Do You Need Glasses?
Due to the steady decline of vision over time, most people who truly need glasses don't in fact realize it until their vision has worsened significantly. Many who are born with 20/20 vision are subject to vision deterioration as they age. There are many different reasons for this. Just as all senses tend to fade over time, vision is no exception. Below are some of the reasons why eyesight tends to diminish as we age:
  • The pupils can lose their ability to adjust to the light as they diminish in size. This reduces the light that enters the eye. Many people do not realize it and they continue to strain their eyes in dimmer light as they read or watch television. This can have a negative effect on eyesight.
  • The eye lens itself is prone to becoming opacified with age, which can eventually lead to a cataract or severe instances of nearsightedness.
  • Veins and arteries of the retina often become narrower with age. This will reduce the flow of blood and the aging retina becomes duller. It will also demonstrate less response in the light reflex.
Visit An Eye Specialist or Optometrist
If you have been squinting more than you used to or are having trouble seeing as far or as near as before, it is recommended to book an appointment with an eye specialist or optometrist as soon as possible before the condition becomes noticeably worse.
Eye exams are painless and can help you avoid years of eyesight issues in the future.
Designer Eyewear
Contrary to popular belief, designer eyewear does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Finding cheap eyeglass frames has never been easier. Oftentimes, your eye specialist or optometrist will have a large selection for you to choose from. Ask about specials. Most eyewear outlets will be able to offer cheap contact lenses as well. It is usually a great idea to have a few styles, along with the option of contact lenses to switch it up, especially for people who are getting eyeglasses later in life. Not everyone can adjust to the new accessory quickly.
Other offerings available from top Canadian eyewear stores include:
  • Prescription Sunglasses
  • Prescription Safety Goggles
  • Discount Eyeglasses and Discount Frames
  • BiFocals, Trifocals, Multi-focals
  • Eyewear for Children
  • Eyewear for Students
Regardless of what your requirements are, it is possible to get everything you need under one roof including an appointment with an eye specialist as well as an excellent selection of designer frames to suit every taste and style. Due to cheaper prices, you can get a pair of fancier glasses as well as a pair of casual ones for home.
Explore this new realm of designer accessory and feel good about how you look and see.